Ten Tips for Decorating With Patterned Carpet

Most of us have plain carpet. It’s safe, it makes decorating easy and it comes in just about every hue. We tend to steer clear of patterned carpet, thinking it’s just for the bold, or those who know what they’re doing. This doesn’t have to the case, and while an ill-considered design will take you straight back to the dark ages, a well-chosen patterned carpet will make a statement and bring your room bang up-to-date.

Grand Tartan Stairs

Grand Tartan Stairs

Our top-ten tips for getting it right …

1. Don’t buy on a whim. Take your time choosing the right pattern. What looks good in a magazine or in a showroom will not necessarily look good in your room.

2. If you’re fearful of making a leap into pattern, keep it subtle! Patterned carpets don’t have to be bold and brightly coloured – there are many neutral coloured patterns that work well with ‘nude’ colour schemes.

3. For the brave, the sky’s the limit. Patterns can be dramatic, adventurous and fun. The choice is endless … dots, floral, large-scale geometric, monochrome, plaid, tartan. Stripes are very popular at the moment, especially in the hallway and on the stairs. Stripes are fun — great for lifting the spirits — and they co-ordinate well with plain carpet.

4. Avoid anything too overpowering and dramatic in cramped or small spaces. This will only serve to make the room look smaller. Use bold designs in large rooms; a larger room can take a strongly patterned carpet.

5. Don’t use patterned carpets with patterned walls and curtains. It will be overpowering and too stressful on the eye. Patterned carpets demand plain walls and curtains. Plain carpets can be mixed with patterned walls and curtains.

6. Think about how you use the room you’re about to carpet. Is it used in the day or night, for work or relaxation? If it’s an evening room, create depth and intimacy with a pattern in shades of plum, midnight blue and even black lifted with either gold or silver. Offset it with mirrors and chandeliers to lighten up the atmosphere. If it’s a day room, keep it light, stylish and easy-on-the-eye with plain walls and the carpet being the focal point.

7. When shopping, make sure you have a sample of your wallpaper, paint colour and curtain fabric with you to test against carpet samples. Maybe think of creating a mood board so that you can explore different themes. This will help you decide what look you’re going for.

8. Think about your furnishings. The pattern you choose should be in keeping with the style of your furniture and the rest of your home.

9. If you want something flamboyant but are worried you’ll get bored with it, then a good way to overcome this without committing to it forever is to buy a rug in a bold pattern. This gives a nod to pattern without having made a total commitment!

10. Lastly … plain or patterned carpet?  The choice is entirely yours! Take a look at How to choose a bold carpet.

See before you buy

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