Carpet Fibre Types

The type of fibre used effects the cost, performance and look of a carpet. Traditionally Wool carpets were regarded as the best until recent technology has meant that Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets now have superior performance when it comes to softness and durability, some even carrying 20 year warranties. Be sure to inspect samples carefully to make sure you are getting the look and feel you are after.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpets have a most luxurious feel. Wool’s unique fibre structure makes it durable and hardwearing, so wool carpets keep their appearance longer.

Wool carpets can feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wool has innate stain resistance properties, allowing spills to be cleaned more easily. It is also flame retardant and acts as an insulator, helping to reduce ambient noise. For more information on wool carpets, click here to go to the Woolmark website.

Wool Blend Carpet

Blend carpets are made up of varying percentages of wool and synthetic fibres, offering the resilience and durability of nylon fibres with the natural appearance and luxurious feel of wool. Used often in Cut Plush Pile and Twist Pile the nylon component helps to reduce shedding of short fibres.

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Solution Dyed Nylon carpet offers consistency of colour, improved colour fastness against light, and is treated with lifetime anti-static protection. It offers long-term resilience, durability and superior stain and odour resistance.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is regarded as a highly versatile fibre extremely resistant to stains provided they have been properly treated. Carpets made with nylon/synthetic fibres provide long-term resilience, durability and great colour choice.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester is ideal for light use around the home offering a soft plush carpet feel, at an affordable price.


Polypropylene carpet has excellent colourfastness properties with the incidence of sunlight and ozone fading greatly reduced, it also contains anti-static properties and provides value for the budget conscious consumer.