Carpet Underlay

Fowles Auctions + Sales recommend Airstep carpet underlay products.

A carpet underlay should be firm but comfortable. Poorly specified carpet underlay will lead to stretching and rucking and may result in a breakdown of the carpet backing. If you are replacing carpet, don’t be tempted to use the existing underlay. It will have the same wear patterns that appear in your old carpet and these will quickly resurface in a new carpet. Carpet manufacturers’ warranties require their carpets be installed over new underlay.

Airstep® Residential Underlay

Airstep is Australia’s premier domestic carpet cushion range, formulated to make carpet feel richer, thicker, softer and more luxurious, extending carpet life by up to 50% in some cases.

With the most extensive range of foam and rubber carpet underlays they are the first choice of consumers and expert professionals alike.

Airstep offers a range of foam carpet underlay StepLight, StepEzy, Stepeco, StepLux and StepMax to cover every level of domestic requirement. Fowles’ professional sales staff are available to assist you in finding the right carpet underlay to suit your needs.

Airstep® Commercial Underlay

The specification of high-durability carpet to handle the heavy traffic flows in commercial, government and institutional environments need not result in any compromise to underfoot comfort.

Airstep StepSmart® is made from high-density, re-bonded polyurethane foam and is specially formulated to achieve Heavy Commercial classification in accordance with AS 4288 (Soft underlays for floor coverings). It’s outstanding durability is complemented by exceptional resilience – it keeps bouncing back from heavy punishment year in, year out, providing superb and lasting underfoot comfort.

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