Carpet Care and Maintenance

Regular Carpet Vacuuming

Once carpet is laid it should be lightly and frequently vacuumed for the first week. This will remove lint, dust and fluff.

Vacuuming should continue at least weekly after that to remove soil and dirt. Quickly removing soil will reduce abrasive forces on the carpet’s pile fibre. For heavy traffic areas, slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary. Always vacuum against the natural direction of the carpet pile to help remove dirt. When finishing, vacuum in the direction of the carpet pile to achieve a uniform finish.

Vacuum Cleaners And Carpet

Upright Cleaners

Upright cleaners are particularly good as they incorporate a carpet pile agitator that lifts the carpet pile and helps remove of dirt and grit. However care is required as over-use with the agitator as can damage the carpet pile surface in some cases.

Barrel Cleaners

Barrel cleaners rely on suction removal only and most perform the task quite well. Some barrel cleaners now have power head attachments to agitate the carpet pile in the same manner as upright cleaners.

Ensure the vacuum cleaner is kept in a sound mechanical condition, and that brushes are cleaned and replaced when worn out. Empty the dust collection bag frequently as suction efficiency is reduced considerably, even when the bag is half full.

Most carpet cleaners now come with micro filter systems to ensure the fine particles (e.g. allergens) are removed. To minimize dust sensitivity, make sure cleaners have a multi filter and micro filter system.

Spot Cleaning

Remove any spillage as soon as possible before it penetrates the carpet fibre and pile.
In the case of spills, remove the excess spillage immediately by first scraping any solids and blotting liquids with an absorbent material from the carpet. Use a spoon or blunt knife to remove the bulk of semi-solids or greasy substances and follow this by blotting.

Always begin at the outer edge and work towards the centre of the stained carpet area using a blotting or dabbing motion. After most of the spill has been absorbed, place a fresh pile of paper towels over the area and place a flat weight on them. Never rub a stain.

More information on carpet stain removal is available from your friendly Fowles staff. For detailed information refer to Standards Australia AS/NZS 3733 ‘Textile Floor Coverings – Cleaning, Maintenance of Residential and Commercial Carpeting’.