Timber Flooring Underlay

Embelton offers Hush platinum flooring underlays which are best suited for Bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring and laminate flooring.

Hush Platinum

Hush Platinum is a good quality, affordable, high density 2mm thick polyethylene underlay, suitable for use underneath most hard floating floor applications, including timber, bamboo and laminate.

The product comes with an integrated peel and stick design, and utilises lay flat technology, making installation quick and easy. Hush Platinum also incorporates a 0.6mm damp-proof sheet, negating the need for a moisture barrier and helping to keep installation costs down.

Hush Platinum complies with the BCA Code on noise transmission, offering an acceptable acoustic performance in multi-tenanted developments. Where a higher acoustic performance is required, consideration should be given to using ImpactaMat Acoustic Rubber Underlay.

Hush Platinum Characteristics

2mm thick closed cell polyethylene high density underlay, with 0.06mm damp proof sheet.
Water absorption of 0.04mg/cm². Will not mildew.
Compression strength of 45k Pa at 25% compression. Higher density can affect sound isolation properties.
50m rolls, giving 50m² of coverage.
Peel & stick strip on continuous damp proof sheeting.
Lay flat technology.
BCA Compliant.