Over the past twenty years or so, beige seems to have been the carpet colour of choice.
Admittedly, the brown-grey spectrum is versatile; it’s safe, easy and goes with everything. But designers seem to have woken up to the fact that people are now more confident in their decorating choices and we’re seeing a resurgence of colour on the carpet front.

So if you thought bold colour choices were only for the most daring among us – think again. There’s no reason why you can’t jump on the colour bandwagon and with a little know-how, make more exciting choices in carpet colour, too.

Lush Red Carpet

Lush Red Carpet

Choosing colour

Firstly, you need to start to think of colour in terms of ‘cool’ or ‘warm’. Cool colours make a room feel larger and give a formal look. Cool colours have undertones of grey and black. Think fuchsia, mauve and blue. Warm colours make a room feel smaller and more intimate and give a relaxed feel. The stronger the tone, the greater the impact. Think red, orange and chocolate.

When choosing a colour you also need to consider how light moves through the house and the effect it has, the period and architecture of your home, your furnishings and the flow of the room; strong colours are great but you must think how they relate to one another – they must not accidentally jar or shock the eye. Start to think about colours you like; take a look at your clothes, your car and the fabrics you choose, and decide on a colour palette that’s right for you.

Remember, there are no strict rules. There’s a whole spectrum from the coolest white to the brightest primary. And, while light colours may not seem like a bold colour choice, think about how a white or cream carpet looks against dark walls – anything but dull!


Areas that have high traffic, such as stairs and hallways, need durable, hard-wearing carpet in a forgiving shade. This is where you can let your imagination run riot. You can go for stripes in a bold colour scheme, polka dots, tartan or even a leopard print! Or play it a little safer with dark charcoal, red or chocolate offset with neutral walls.

Natural floor coverings such as sisal, coir, sea-grass and jute are fashionable and ideal for busy-spots like stairs and hallways. Don’t play it safe and opt for beige – choose deep, rich tones such as charcoals and chocolate browns.

Dark, warm shades of carpet will make a room more intimate, especially if mirrored in the colour of the walls. Light shades of carpet work in formal, detail-driven rooms because they don’t shout for attention – the eye is free to take in the furnishings rather than the carpet.

If you’re not bold enough to go all-out for colour, then play with colour in small areas such as the hallway and the main stair. You can have fun with colour without it being overwhelming.

See before you buy

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