Match Your Taps To Your Decorating Style

They might not be the first thing you think of when you’re doing up your kitchen or bathroom, but your choice of tap can make all the difference…

The humble tap has undergone something of a makeover, and people want a tap that does much more than just run water. There are now hundreds of different styles, from contemporary and design led to classic and traditional. The choice you make should ideally match your decorating style. So if you have, or want, a contemporary look, choose modern taps with sleek, straight lines that are bang-up-to-date and feature the latest technology. Conversely, if you’re a traditionalist, go for something more ornate and in keeping with days-gone-by. Whatever style you choose, the aim should be to create a cohesive look that’s in tune with the room.

Abm Water Efficient Faucets

Abm Water Efficient Faucets

Form and function on tap

Today’s contemporary kitchen features a high-tech designer tap that creates a focal point, usually clean and angular, with a professional pull-out spray. This gives full flow or spray action with a flexible arm that makes it easy to wash vegetables and fruit. It’s also good for filling vases that don’t fit under a standard tap. If you have an old-fashioned Butler or Belfast sink, a traditional ‘bridge-mixer’ tap looks best – and this style of sink can equally take a modern or traditional tap depending on the look you’re aiming for.

More than just hot and cold

Today’s taps offer more than just hot and cold water. For example, the ‘boiling water’ tap is a popular choice. Why waste energy boiling a kettle for one cup of tea when you can have boiling water on tap? You could also opt for a ‘filtered water tap’ that gives pure, filtered water 24-hours a day, great for drinking, perfect for tea and coffee and ideal for sterilising baby bottles. In fact, things have gone so far in the tap world that one manufacturer has developed the technology to give the water flow an illuminated effect! For the bathroom, square-shaped and clean-lined faucets are trending and look just as good in traditional settings or a contemporary space. High arc faucets are also big news and can be traditional or contemporary; they’re amazing against a glass vessel sink.

Materials and measurements

Chrome gives a clean, light look. Brushed metal avoids those unwanted fingertip smudges. Copper gives a beautiful antique look, and brass gives a luxurious feel. If the budget is no-holds-barred, you might even opt for gold plated. Make sure that the style and material of your taps is compatible with your sink’s style and material – and make sure the taps fit the holes in your bath or sink before making your purchase!

See before you buy

At Fowles, we hold Home Renovator Auctions every Wednesday at 10:00 am. You can view before you buy between Monday and Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. The bathroom goods, including sinks, basins and vanities, are excellent value, and you’ll find carpets and building materials on auction, too. You never know what you might find for a fraction of its original cost.