Have You Seen Some of the Features on Modern Kitchen Taps?

“Mind boggling,” is the only way to describe the huge variety of modern kitchen taps. Our weekly home renovation auctions display hundreds, if not thousands of different styles of faucets over the course of a typical year. You can change the look and functionality of your kitchen just by changing the faucets, but the range of choices can be overwhelming. Here’s a starter to help you make your choice.

Tap with Sprayer
Tap with Sprayer

How many handles?

Think about your current set-up. It’s probably the old style faucet in the centre with a hot water tap and a cold water tap. It’s a traditional look, and it gives you very good control over water flow and temperature. But a more contemporary look is a single-handled tap. These come in two basic styles: where the handle is part of the faucet and where it’s separate. The newest style has no handles. A motion detector controls the flow, with a single handle override and for temperature control.


For increased functionality, you may want to consider a reflex or retractable sprayer affixed to the faucet. Spray wands are great for cleanup, and the flexible hose that retracts can either be a part of the tap or sit adjacent to it.
A high arc faucet can also add to functionality. High arc faucets are considered to be 20 to 30 centimetres above the level of the sink. They are great for filling large pots, but consider the height of your kitchen cabinets before opting for one.

Your old design doesn’t limit a new one

Let’s say you find a faucet set-up you like, and are replacing your old set-up. The previous mount may have several holes—up to four—in the mount, and you’ve selected a contemporary design that only requires one hole. No problem; ask the folks at Fowles to show you our range of escutcheons. These are ornamental deck plates that cover excess holes at the time of installation.

Nowadays, you can find faucets with a variety of mounts. Most are mounted on the sink, but some are wall-mounted. There are even some varieties that mount on the wall behind the stove! These are called pot-fillers and ensure you won’t have to move pots heavy with water from the sink to the stovetop.

Taps are part of the design of the whole kitchen

Keep interior design in mind, too. Taps can be purchased in traditional chrome, brushed chrome, or polished nickel for a shiny look, but oil-rubbed bronze, darker Mediterranean bronze or wrought iron finished with flat black can give you a non-traditional look that can be quite striking. You can even get ivory white finishes. You might consider adding a separate tap for filtered, cold drinking water, too.

Visit our Melbourne showroom and check what’s available at our Home Renovators’ Auction, and you might get an great deal on a modern kitchen tap with amazing features.