Home Renovation Opportunities Too Good To Pass Up

Sometimes certain home renovation opportunities present themselves that are just far too good to pass up. One minute you think that you’re just installing a new vanity in your bathroom and the next minute you’ve also tearing up the floor and laying down heated tiles. It happens, but it’s hugely important to recognize these opportunities when they do come to light. Doing so is a great way to save you both time and money – managing one large job where you take care of a few different tasks is ultimately always easier than performing a number of small jobs over time.

Fowles Renovation Bargains

Fowles Renovation Bargains

Renovating the Inside of Your Home? Don’t Forget About Windows!

If you’re already in the process of re-designing a family room or your bedrooms, for example, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to install all new windows in front of you that you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of. This is a perfect home renovation opportunity for a number of reasons. For starters, new windows are windows more energy efficient than the ones you’re pulling out – the money you’ll save over time on your heating and cooling bills alone are worth the effort. Secondly, new windows are a great way to build up a bit of additional equity in your home and can greatly increase your asking price if the time comes to sell in the near future. You will find a wide selection of windows and doors at Fowles weekly Timber and Building Materials auctions.

“Smart” Renovations

A large amount has been written about the “Internet of Things” recently, which is the concept of a world where even items like your appliances or your thermostat are all connected to the Internet and are all feeding information to one another. If you’re in the middle of a home renovation project in the modern era, installing as many “smart” accessories as you can is something that you will definitely want to pursue. Even if you aren’t converting your whole house, you can still reap the benefits in the short term. An Internet-connected thermostat can be controlled from your smartphone at work, for example, or you can automatically raise or lower your shades based on the time of day or the direction of the sun. It doesn’t just make for a “cooler” home renovation opportunity the end result is much more efficient and beneficial to your daily life, as well.

Fowles Renovation Bargains

At Fowles, we don’t just want to help you identify those home renovation opportunities that are too good to pass up – we want to make sure that you have every last tool or resource that you need to take full advantage of them whenever they do arise. It’s a large part of the reason why we offer weekly auctions that will help you score major discounts on necessary items off of their suggested retail price. You can get those appliances that you’re after for your new kitchen or even the kitchen itself – the choice is yours! We also stock carpet and timber flooring with free measure and quote! Be sure to check back weekly, as the items featured in our weekly auctions are always changing.