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Kitchen Auctions

Kitchen Auctions We have a large range of kitchens available. The kitchens are high quality, ready assembled with stone bench tops. Below are some photos and layouts of some of the kitchens we have at auction.

These kitchens represent excellent value and sell anywhere between $2,800 to $5,500 at auction, including granite bench tops.

Discount kitchens are hard to find so, if you are looking for a cheap kitchen check out our catalogue of what kitchens are up for at auction, descriptions include doors styles and types of granite!

Please contact Megan Marshall on 03 9265 5504 if you have any questions.

If you are not a DIY Kitchen expert listed below are some contact details for the installation of your kitchen.

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Cheap Kitchens

All Interior Installations

Ross 0478 595 323

Bedrock City

Gary Davis on 0412 055 304

Richie’s Stonemasons

Richie on 0479 182 119

Tonner Transport

Michael on 0408 395 927


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Kitchen Plans

Take a look at some of our Kitchen Plans available:

Fowles Kitchen Plans

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