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Hycraft Carpets

For decades, Hycraft Carpets has been providing some of the most stunning and versatile wool and wool rich carpets to customers all over Australia. Made from only natural, pure woollen fibres, Hycraft Carpets prides itself on its ability to keep people warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Customers know that the name “Hycraft” is synonymous with not only the natural choice, but also the right choice – it represents the products that are known for their long lasting appearance, their unparalleled beauty, and their superior style. All Hycraft Carpets are produced from Godfrey Hirst premium grade wools and are backed with ten or fifteen wear guarantees, allowing the company to truly put its money where its mouth is and cement its reputation as a leading carpet provider. If you’re looking for the right tools to create the relaxing, warm flooring environment you’re after, Hycraft Carpets certainly has you covered.

Hycraft Carpets
Hycraft Carpets


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