Godfrey Hirst Carpet

As a leader in the industry, Godfrey Hirst has committed to offering a wide range of high quality carpets for both residential and commercial applications. Godfrey Hirst proudly acts as the largest carpet supplier in Australia and also has operations in both North America and New Zealand.

The versatile Godfrey Hirst range of modular carpet tiles, broadloom carpet and other options is as extensive as it is dependable, offering you the largest possible selection of floor covering options when you need them the most. Godfrey Hirst produces nylon, Triexta, wool and other types of carpet for you to use in many different rooms with equal success, regardless of factors like application and environment. Many Godfrey Hirst products are so dependable and are of such high quality that they can be cleaned effectively with little more than cold water and a clean cloth whenever the need arises.

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