It’s Worth Taking a Wednesday Morning Off Work

Maybe it’s because we’re too close to it, but something we rarely emphasise about our Wednesday morning auctions is their entertainment value. Auctions are a fun and unique way to shop. In fact, planning to attend an auction is part of the fun.

Take Off Work
Take Off Work

Plan your visit to the auction

Let’s say you’re looking for some unique decorator ideas and don’t really know what you have in mind. You should subscribe to our e-newsletter and be advised when the catalogues for our auctions are released. Browse through the catalogues and look for items that might be of interest. There are always several hundred lots up for auction, and the range of the offerings is quite large. Then, follow up with a visit to our showroom, where you can see and examine what’s available.

Register for the auction at our auctions registration desk, and think about a price. Then attend the show and see how successful you are. In all likelihood, the price you pay at auction will be much lower than any price you would have paid retail – and that’s even more fun.

The auctions are great for big items, too

Our Wednesday morning auctions aren’t just for decorator ideas; they’re also for large items. We’re famous for our discount carpet, but we have every type of appliance on offer at these auctions, as well. Home renovators take note: our timber and building materials auctions aren’t just for professional builders. They are a great way to get all the supplies you need for that do-it-yourself project you’ve been thinking about.

DIY projects can involve the whole family

It can take a whole season to research, plan and design a big DIY project, not to mention purchasing materials and actually getting the work done. It’s a lot to think about, but it is also a great way to bring your family together as a team. A great way to start a DIY project is to come to our showroom and talk with one of our knowledgeable, professional members of staff. They can point you in the right direction in planning and deciding on materials, and they might even offer advice on the type of permits and tools you’ll need. You’ll always want to talk to your family about a DIY job, and these family discussions can result in new and exciting ideas.

A lot of homeowners who’ve heard of the great deals available at our auctions don’t necessarily attend the auction, but submit an absentee bid. But why miss out on the fun? Take the morning off work and join us on the auction floor. See if your partner can get time off, too, and go out for a nice lunch before heading to work. You’ll have a good time AND get a good deal.