This Summer’s Carpet Colour Trends

Here we are at the start of 2015, and Fowles’ weekly Carpet Auction is ready for the new year. In fact, our carpet sales in Melbourne are stronger than ever.

In the recent past, we’ve done blog posts about installing carpet runners on stairs and options for room-sized rugs. This seems like a good time to talk about what paint companies and interior designers are seeing as the top decorating colour trends in 2015—trends that may affect your own decorating decisions, including your choice of carpet colour.

Warm and Rich

According to Australia’s own Inside Out Magazine, rich, warm colours are on trend for carpets this year. Coral, brick, raspberry and pumpkin are just a few of the bold yet comforting colours that are being sought after by interior designers. It’s not just a matter of picking one, either. These colours are being used in combinations that add up to a luxurious look that evokes summer berry baskets, sunsets and bouquets. If you’ve got the visual sense to pick out warm colours that complement each other rather than clash, this look can add up to a comfortable, creative ambiance for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. You might look for a carpet in a hue from the red side of the spectrum, or you might choose a neutral carpet to complement the warm colours you use elsewhere in your decorating scheme.

Orange Colour Carpet
Orange Colour Carpet

Neutrals With Texture

If you’re going to be working with some intense warm tones, then you’ll need to temper them with neutral colours, either on the walls or on the floor. Combine this year’s bold, warm tones with neutrals that have texture and character, like natural wood and stone. Look for neutrals that aren’t too light and that carry a little grey. Taupe and sage are two possibilities, but they have got to be just right shades to work with the reddish hues that you’ve chosen. Look to nature for inspiration: an tangerine in front of a tree truck or a red rose growing against a stone wall.

Carpet with Texture
Carpet with Texture

Sun and Sea

Another variation on the warm colour trend is the use of conscious contrast. Choose a warm tone like a deep yellow or a rich orange and pair it with a Mediterranean or intense sky blue: a shade reminiscent of deep water over white sand or the very bluest clear sky. Think of the sun over the sea or a vivid yellow flower against the horizen.

Summer Season
Summer Season

Remember, even though some of our carpets are seconds, end-of-run, and leftovers from large jobs, they are still new and many are in cutting edge styles and colours. At Fowles, cheap carpet doesn’t mean low quality carpet or carpet that’s behind the times when it comes to decorating trends and colours. You can find carpet that will complement the most fashion forward design concepts here at Fowles.

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