Spruce up your rental property

Landlords love Fowles auctions. Kitting out a rental unit is a business expense for a landlord, and the huge savings at our auctions are a great way to cut down on overhead.

Rental Property Auctions
Rental Property Auctions

Floor covering is a huge expense

Fowles is best known for its discount carpet, and the bills for the carpets or other floor coverings are probably the biggest ongoing expense that landlords face. Even high quality carpets in rental units normally have only have a six or seven year lifespan, so it pays to buy discount carpet at auction here at Fowles.

There’s always a healthy debate over what floor covering is best for rental units. A commercial-grade carpet with a low and tight pile is often the best choice, because the low pile won’t reflect furniture indentations. The downside is that low pile can sometimes hold pet odours and dander, if you allow pets in your units. For a rental, carpet material should be synthetic. Nylon is extremely durable, and solution-dyed nylon, where the colour is added as the nylon is made, is extremely stain resistant.

Other flooring options

Another option for rental units is hardwood. Hardwood is more expensive than carpet, but a better choice than laminate for a rental unit because of its durability and the relative ease with which it can be repaired. Choose the finish of the hardwood carefully, because different finishes have different protective properties. Hardwood isn’t likely a very good choice for multi-unit rentals. Hardwood carries sound readily, while carpet, especially with a thick underlayment, muffles sound.

It is too often overlooked, but the installation of the carpet can be as important for its durability as the material the carpet is made of. Always keep leftover scraps for repair jobs. A good installer can patch a carpet seamlessly. To store the scraps, put them in a transparent bag and keep them somewhere dry.

For kitchens and bathrooms, the inexpensive choice is vinyl, but vinyl isn’t very durable and tends to look dingy fairly quickly. Ceramic tile is very durable and maintains its appearance much longer than vinyl. It’s also substantially more expensive, and tiles do break. So, look for discount tile at the Fowles Home Renovator Auction.

Don’t forget the appliances

Our renovator’s auction is also where you’ll find great deals on home appliances. New, high quality appliances can increase the appeal of a rental unit and even help justify a higher cost. You can buy them for a fraction of their list price at Fowles.

If you pay for the utilities, you’ll definitely want to check out the energy labels on your appliances. The difference between an energy efficient refrigerator and a low efficiency fridge, for example, can add up to a significant amount of money over several units.

Even if you don’t have a unit ready to be refurbished for turn-over, you may still want to check out our weekly auctions and buy up the good deals in anticipation of future needs.