Why So Many Love a Gas Cooktop

The cooker is arguably the most important kitchen appliance. In fact, where would any of us be without one? And, the perfect kitchen certainly deserves the perfect cooker. But as with everything, when it comes to investing time and money into a home purchase, it’s worth doing your research before you reach for your wallet. So, if you are in the market for a new cooker or hob for your kitchen, there are many questions you need to ask yourself, one of the most important being ‘What fuel to choose?’.

The options are quite simple, it’s either gas or electric, and although many people believe that electric has taken over as the fuel of choice, there are many die-hard gas fans that would never stray from their beloved gas ranges. Gas is great; the heat is instant, visible and easy to control. More to the point, in most places, gas is cheaper than electricity, and it is still very much preferred by top chefs and in professional kitchens the world over. Most of us tend to use the hob or the cooktop more than we do the oven for cooking, so it’s worth getting it right…

Gas Cooktop

Gas Cooktop

About Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are usually about 60 cm wide and traditionally have four burners. If you live alone or have a small family, a four burner will usually suffice. Most will have a configuration of one or two large burners, a medium burner and a small burner for simmering, giving you the opportunity to have four pans on at the same time. If you have a large family or are really into cooking, you might prefer a five or six ring cooktop or even a range cooker. These larger models usually have specific burners – usually including a large burner in the middle – that are great for bigger saucepans. The burner in the middle of the hob is very stable and secure, with little chance of a large pot or pan toppling over. Some even have specific rings for things like fish kettles and woks and even large boiling rings if you are a traditionalist and like to heat up your kettle on the cooktop rather than using an electric kettle.

An Open Flame?

Some people worry about the safety of gas. They worry about cooking on an open flame. But there is no need – gas is a very safe choice, and most of today’s hobs have numerous built in safety features. Most have the benefit of a cut-out facility so, in the unlikely case that a burner is blown out, the gas supply will automatically cut out, preventing a dangerous gas leak.

One great thing about the gas cooktop is that you can see when the gas is on, unlike electric hobs, where it is difficult to tell if the heat zone is still hot. This lessens the chance of an accident happening. Once the gas is turned off, the source of flame and heat disappears immediately. Another major selling point for gas is that you won’t get caught out in a power cut – you can continue to cook!

The fact is, gas continues to be a smart choice, and once you’ve decided on gas as a fuel, all you need to do is choose a brand. At Fowles, you can choose between Bosch, Smeg, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Delonghi, Asko, Omega, Fisher & Paykel and more.

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