Here’s what you’ll find at our Home Renovators Auction

First, ‘Home Renovators’ is a little misleading. Our weekly Home Renovators auctions have all kinds of things that even those allergic to do-it-yourself projects will find tempting. Last week, for example, we had a nice collection of bicycles – even a motorised version. Every week is different. There are always more than 300 lots on auction, and usually a good many of those lots feature home appliances. The full range of appliances, from top brand names, are at unbelievably low prices.

Renovating Your Home With Furniture
Renovating Your Home With Furniture

Everything including the kitchen sink? How about the whole kitchen?

Appliances can range from pizza ovens to refrigerators to range hoods, and they usually have the most up-to-date features available. If you don’t think new appliances are enough to spruce up your dingy kitchen, then why not get a whole new one? We sell complete kitchens at the Home Renovators auction, and we have partners that can transport the kitchen you bought at the auction to your home—even install it for you.

Renovating Renovating Your Kitchen
Renovating Your Kitchen

We have fun doing the catalogue

It’s always a treat to make up the weekly listing for these Wednesday auctions, because our customers never really know what kind of goodies will be on offer. There are always appliances, of course, and we usually have enough bathroom and kitchen items to completely redecorate either room. Full kitchens are available, but basins and countertops are usually there as separate items as well.

Perhaps it’s not a renovation you are looking for, but a redecoration. Our auction is the place to start for that, too. Lamps, tables, chairs, accent items… the only way to see what we’ll have in person is to visit the showroom. Home Renovator items are on display Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Of course, you’ll find a catalogue and video of the auction items posted here on our website shortly before auction day, too.

Tools For Renovation
Tools For Renovation

Outdoor furniture, too

While it’s true that we have items on sale for every room in the house, we don’t stop there. Usually, there are a good number of items for the patio, as well. Patio, pool and garden furniture is often featured, and barbecues and other outdoor cooking gear is particularly plentiful this time of the year.

You never really know what we’re going to have, so if you’re looking for some specific, hard-to-find item, the best strategy is to subscribe to Fowles’ updates. It’s easy to subscribe: go to this page and scroll to the bottom, then simply type in your e-mail address.

If you’ve never been to one of our auctions, you may find a little comfort in knowing how they work. We love these auctions and they’re a big part of what makes Fowles stand out. That’s why we’ve put an introduction to how the auctions work on our blog. We really mean it when we say it’s a great way to find all kinds of items at terrific prices.