Here’s What You’ll Find at Our Carpet Auction

It’s the beginning of a new year, and Fowles has some unusually good carpet values at auction right now, with plenty of year-end closeouts from manufacturers. Every week, we have a different selection of discount carpet at the carpet auction, and we never know exactly what’s going to be available until just before the day. That’s why we recommend that you get ready for our weekly Wednesday morning auctions (at 10:00 a.m.) by checking the ‘latest auctions’ page on our website or coming by in person late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning to get the most up to date list and a final look at what we have for the week. Here are a few things we’ve featured since the start of 2015.

Carpet Collection From Our Video
Carpet Collection From Our Video

Discount Commercial Carpet

If you’re looking to carpet an office on a strict budget, then we will almost always have attractive options. Commercial-quality nylon Berber carpet is usually on the go, and we’ll have it in a variety of tasteful neutrals. We’ve recently had some really beautiful commercial carpets in rich blues, greens, and yarn-dyed patterns, as well.

Whole-House Carpet

If you’re a home owner who wants to carpet a single room, then you will almost certainly be happy with what you find at any of our weekly auctions. However, at this time of year, we will almost certainly have some very large rolls of top quality residential carpet. If you own a home with an open-plan first floor and the carpet needs to be replaced, this is a perfect opportunity for you. We will probably have the square metres you need to get the job done, and you’ll save a bundle.

Artificial Turf

We sometimes have specialised carpet products in our auctions, and recently, we’ve had artificial turf. This is ideal for a patio or al fresco room. You could even use it for an indoor golf practice range! We may or may not have it in our upcoming auctions, but we have had some beautiful lots of artificial turf within the past few weeks.

Coloured Carpet Collection
Coloured Carpet Collection

Real Wool Carpet

If you think that Fowles carpet auctions are just a place where you can get neutral, durable, utilitarian carpet at a good price, then you don’t know the whole story. We usually have luxury wool carpet available, as well. If you’ve shopped around, then you know how expensive 100% wool carpet can be, but you probably also know that it is the standard by which all other carpet is judged. It’s simply the best quality carpet you can buy, and you can get it here for up to 90% off.

Pattern Carpet Collection
Pattern Carpet Collection

We can’t guarantee that you’ll find any particular item on any particular week, but at this time of year, we usually have a good selection. This is a great time to buy, and if you’ve been thinking about trying out our auctions, why not do it now? You can find plenty of carpet sales in Melbourne, but you just can’t beat the prices at a Fowles carpet auction.

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