Four Great Design Features For Your Outdoor Wood Deck

Are you planning to build a new wood deck for your home, or are you thinking about making additions or repairs to one you already have? If so, there are a number of exciting options for making your deck look better and do more. If you could use some inspiration, then consider these four great deck design features.

Outdoor Flooring
Outdoor Flooring

Wood Patterns

Much of wood’s appeal as a building material lies in the aesthetics of its colour and grain. One simple way to an impressive result is to install the wooden boards that make up your deck in attractive patterns that complement the wood that you’re working with. Chevron and herringbone patterns, for example, add a lot of visual texture and aren’t terribly hard to create. Look for instructions online.

Built-In Benches and Tables

Sure, you could buy deck furniture, but you will have a much better looking wood deck if you build places to sit and places to set things right into it. Built-in wood furniture is just as durable as the deck, and it is fully secure.

At the end of the day, standard deck furniture like benches and tables is fairly easy to construct, and your options for style and size are pretty much endless. Plus, if you took the advice above and put in an interesting wood pattern, you could complement the pattern with matching or contrasting furniture.

Planters and Flower Boxes

Part of the point of a deck is to be able to sit comfortably outdoors and enjoy a little bit of fresh air and nature. Building some planters and flower boxes so you can grow flowers and herbs close to your back entrance will bring the natural world a little closer to you and might be exactly the aesthetic detail that completes your deck. Having a small herb garden on your deck is useful if you’re a serious cook, too.

Bird Baths and Bird Houses

Add a glass or ceramic bowl to your deck for your neighbourhood birds to drink from and bathe in. Glass and stone contrast beautifully with wood, so it’s an attractive addition. You might also add a bird house where they can shelter from the weather and perhaps even build nests. You’ll love seeing the colourful birds who will come to use your bird house or bird bath, bringing a chorus of cheerful sounds to your deck. Besides being pretty to look at and fun to watch, birds can help keep the insect population under control.

One of the best things about building a deck is that you get to decide exactly how you want it to turn out. From the dimensions and exact design elements that you choose to include to the type of wood that goes into its construction, a deck is one of the most customisable parts of your home. If you’re looking for construction materials, try checking out our timber and building materials auction, where you’ll be able to find cheap, high-quality timber for your deck and any other DIY projects you’ve got on the go.

While you’re planning your deck, don’t forget to take the time to find the ideal type of wood to build it with, too.