Buy Oak Flooring at Fowles

One of the most popular products at Fowles is our oak flooring. We have solid oak hardwood flooring, engineered timber flooring with an oak finish, and oak-look laminate flooring. Oak is in many ways an ideal type of wood for flooring. It’s beautiful, durable and available at a reasonable cost. Oak trees are common in many forested areas throughout the world, including in Australia. Oak has a distinctive and well defined grain, and it will give any home a look of genuine natural beauty.

Oak Timber

There are many different species of oak, but they are broadly divided into two categories: white oak and red oak. Red oak is darker near the middle of the tree trunk. White oak is a lighter colour all the way through, and is therefore more consistent-looking once it’s milled. Both types have a similar, prominent grain. All oak is hard, strong and stable. It is not easily warped, dented or scratched. In addition to flooring, it’s used to build cabinets and furniture and in heavy timber construction. Because oak is so strong, many pieces of oak furniture survive to become nice-looking antiques.

Oak Flooring

Because oak is sturdy and durable, it’s often used as flooring in high traffic areas. However, it does need to be protected from moisture. It’s just as susceptible to rot as other types of wood. If oak flooring is used in a kitchen or bathroom, it should be maintained with a waterproof finish. Because oak is so strong, it can be hard to nail. Solid oak flooring isn’t the easiest surface to install yourself, especially if you’re using hand tools.

The advantage of solid oak is that it will last for a very long time, because it can be sanded and refinished over and over again. It’s not unusual to find a 100-year-old solid oak floor still in reasonably good condition. If you want the look of oak and the highest quality available, then there is no substitute for solid oak floorboards. There’s no question that solid oak will last longer than carpet, vinyl flooring, laminate or even engineered wood. However, engineered oak flooring and laminate are less expensive and easier to work with, and you’ll find them in a huge variety of finishes.

Buying Oak Flooring at Fowles

At Fowles, we have oak flooring available for retail sale, and you can also purchase it at a substantial discount through our Timber and Building Materials Auctions. We carry a variety of oak species, finishes and styles. Drop by to see what we have in stock right now, or call if you’re on the hunt for something specific.

If you’d like to have solid oak flooring and are worried about the price, then take a look at our newest auction catalogue and video. You may be able to catch the end of a production run, a special purchase or some unused oak flooring left over from a large building project at huge savings.