Buy Decking at Fowles

Maybe you’re landscaping a new house. Maybe you’re overhauling your tired old garden. Maybe you’re making some end-of-season repairs. Whatever the occasion, you’re likely to find a bargain on wood decking at Fowles’ Timber and Building Materials Auction.

Sure, you can buy your decking from a big timber supplier, but if you come to Fowles, you are going to find some top quality materials at bargain prices, from 50% to as much as 90% below retail. That’s because we offer leftover materials and end of production lots at significant savings. We have almost everything you’ll need to build or repair a deck or any other outdoor structure.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking

A Patio Deck

We have structural timber, often including polls and posts for vertical support and joists for the structure under the decking. Come take a look at what we have to offer, then take some measurements and draw up some plans. A deck is a structure where your design can pretty easily be modified to fit the materials that are available.

Sure, you could hire a building contractor and pay whatever they’re asking. However, if you’ve got a little bit of skill with a measuring tape, a pencil and a saw, you can design and build it yourself with our heavily discounted materials. Build a beautiful pine deck in place of your overgrown, uneven patio. Build a lush, expensive looking hardwood deck for far less than it normally costs to have a low end pine deck built.

A Dock

If you’ve got waterfront property and your dock is a little the worse for wear, then now is a good time to repair or rebuild it. The decking materials we’ve got at Fowles’ auctions could be your answer to affordably renovating your dock. Make it safe and freshen it up. Then, you can take full advantage of your dock for boating and maybe even swimming, too.

Pool Decking

Most backyard pools are surrounded by hard, temperature sensitive materials like concrete and tile. Why not soften up your pool area with a lovely wood deck? If you buy the materials at Fowles’ auction, it won’t cost you a bundle. Wood is comfortable to walk on, and it rarely gets too hot or too cold. It’s a great surface for laying out or drying out after a swim. Wood decking around the pool gives the whole set-up a comfortable, spa-like look and feel.


Once you’ve got a wood deck near the pool to relax on, why not add on a small building or structure, perhaps a sauna, cabana, summerhouse or canopy? Build a timber canopy and drape it with plants and flowers. It’ll provide a well shaded, picture-perfect space for relaxing and entertaining. Build a sauna or stream room, and you can use it and then jump directly into the pool. Build a cabana or summerhouse to help you stay cool and protected from the sun’s rays.

Whatever project you have in mind, you can get a great deal on decking and structural timber at Fowles.