No, Our Auctions are Not Just for Builders and Renovators

Let’s face it, everybody likes to get great prices on products they need, and any of our auctions are an opportunity to pay rock-bottom prices for top quality products. The fact that professional builders and renovators are always present at Fowles Carpet Auctions, Home Renovator Auctions and Timber and Building Materials Auctions is a testament to the great deals that are available. There’s no reason to let that intimidate you as an individual homeowner, though. Check out the catalogues for any of our auctions, and you’ll see that our auction lots come in all sizes and quantities. Many of them just right for a homeowner.

Builders and Renovators
Builders and Renovators

Tips to get exactly what you want

Professional builders and renovators often come to the auctions just to see what deals we have and to build up their inventories. Individual homeowners tend to be looking for something specific. If that’s your situation, might we suggest that you sign up to receive our weekly auction catalogue? Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up. You can do a quick scan of the more than 300 lots we have up for auction every week to see if there’s something on the list that fits with your latest projects. Here’s another strategy: come by our Melbourne showroom after 3:30 on the Tuesday before the auction to see everything that will be under the hammer at 10:00 the next morning.

Absentee and proxy bidding

If you can’t make the auction time itself, don’t worry. We’ve set up an easy-to-use absentee bid form. Just fill out the form and fax us your absentee bid before 9:00 a.m. on auction day, and your bid will be submitted. You can even bid by proxy. All you have to do is go to our registration counter and give the auctioneer your highest bid. He will act on your behalf during the auction, up to your maximum price.

Why all these great deals?

Where do we get all this great merchandise, and why is it up for auction? Often manufacturers or importers will find themselves overstocked and wanting to clear their inventories. They come to us, and you win. Sometimes, carpet manufacturers will have ‘short ends’ from big production runs that they can’t sell to their retailers. Sometimes, the products have been discontinued. Every time, you will probably get a better price than you ever imagined.

We can even arrange delivery for you. If you’re buying carpet, you can arrange for installation right here. Usually the installer will make the arrangements to have the carpet picked up and delivered.

If all this sounds easy, that’s because it is. We’ve built our service around our customers, whether they are professional renovators, builders or just families looking for great home improvements at a great price.