What’s Under Your Upper Cabinets?

You’re planning to remodel your kitchen – you’ve thought of all of the things you’ll need: new cabinets, new flooring, a new backsplash and new appliances. But have you considered what you’ll put under your upper cabinets? You may not have thought about this space when planning your kitchen project, but there are several things you can do to use it to its full potential.

At Fowles, we want your kitchen remodelling project to be a success, which is why we’ve come up with several ideas for the space under your upper cabinets. Lighting, hooks, racks and rails of various shapes and sizes can improve your kitchen and make the most of your space.

Improve your kitchen’s lighting

Having a well-lit kitchen is important. It is becoming more and more popular to install lighting under upper cabinets. Installing recessed lighting under your upper cabinets will provide more light for chopping vegetables, cooking a gourmet meal for friends or simply reading recipes. This “task lighting” will also provide your kitchen with dramatic accent lighting or night-time lighting. There are several types of lights that can be installed under cabinets, including round lights, slim fluorescent strips, and LED strips.

Installing these types of lights does require some minor electrical work. Always make sure you have disconnected the power before doing any wiring! If you’re not comfortable doing electrical work yourself, you can sometimes plug the lights into a nearby outlet. The steps for installing these lights depend on which light you choose; check the instructions. No matter what kind of lighting you choose, however, undercounted lighting will make your kitchen more functional and welcoming.

Maximise space

If you have a small kitchen, space planning is essential. Installing hooks underneath your upper cabinets or placing magnetic strips on your backsplash can provide you with extra space to hang cups, knives, or other kitchen utensils. Paper towel dispensers can be mounted under cabinets. Metal racks with hooks allow you to hang cutting boards or even small pots and pans under your cabinets. Metal or wooden spice racks can be hung just below the cabinet, providing not only a space saving opportunity but a visually appealing look as well. Having these items on display will add colour and style to your new kitchen while saving precious cabinet space.

Cups Hung with Hooks

Cups Hung with Hooks

Find discounted materials or a complete kitchen

At Fowles, we don’t just sell carpet and flooring. At our Home Renovator and Timber and Building Materials Auctions, you can get a bargain on some of materials you’ll need for your kitchen remodelling project. We also sell complete kitchens at our auctions every Wednesday. Discounted kitchens are hard to find, so be sure to take a look at what we have to offer. The kitchens are ready-assembled with stone bench tops. No matter what material you need for your project, you can get a great deal at Fowles.

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