Treated Pine Decking

Choosing a particular type of decking material for your next big DIY project is never a decision you want to make lightly. You’re going to be married to your decking material for quite a while, so it’s always better to do your research now to avoid being disappointed a little later on.

Treated pine decking brings a wide range of different benefits to the table (or deck) that can’t be ignored and is actually the most common type of timber used in deck building in Australia. It’s a specific type of pressure treated softwood that is rot, fungi and termite resistant, among other characteristics.

The Advantages of Treated Pine Decking

Perhaps the biggest benefit that you’ll receive from working with treated pine decking is one of price. This is actually the cheapest type of timber available to use when you’re getting your deck off the ground, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to skip on quality. Because of the way that it’s constructed, treated pine is a rock solid, durable type of material.

Another major benefit of treated pine decking is that not only do you have a consistency in terms of board sizes that are available, but it can also be stained or painted in literally any colour you wish to match the project vision you’ve always imagined. It’s also very easy to work with, which will be particularly good news for the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ out there. Treated pine decking is a popular choice in Europe, especially the UK, whereas here it is often used in the structural side of the deck.

Fowles Timber & Building Materials Auctions

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