Floating Floors

Floating Floors or Timber Floating Floors have been around for some years now, broadly speaking they fit into two categories Engineered Timber Flooring which has a real timber top layer and Laminate Timber Flooring which has a printed image of flooring on the top layer similar to a laminate bench top. Both have extremely strong, wear resistant, UV cured top coats.

Floating Flooring is ideal solution for concrete slabs, chipboard or yellow tongue sheet floors or where the original hardwood floorboards are too stained or damaged.

Floating Floors are not fixed to the base floor or floor joist so there is no bubbling or warping due to expansion or contraction. The boards simply click together, lie flat on sound absorbing underlay and are held in place by edge strip.

Come in to our huge showroom walk on our samples installed on the floor, speak to one of our helpful and experienced staff and get the floor your looking for.

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