Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors, have become increasingly popular for their versatility, strength and sustainability.

We offer Embelton Bamboo flooring regarded as the highest quality affordable in Australia. It is manufactured using the strand woven technique, resulting in greater density and stability. Bamboo is also the most environmentally friendly choice, as it re-grows every seven years much quicker than other timber species.

Embelton Bamboo Flooring is pre-coated with 7 coats of UV safe no toxic Acrylic to give it a beautiful finish and incredible durability. The floor uses an easy click together system, meaning it can be installed and walked upon straight away.

Bamboo Flooring is eco- friendly, extremely stable, durable with a high density 14 Janka rating and a 25 year residential warranty.

Come in to our huge showroom walk on samples installed on the floor, speak to one of our helpful and experienced staff and get the floor your looking for.

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