Vinyl + Hybrid Planks

One of the most exciting things about re-doing the floors in your home is that you have so many different options to choose from, such as carpet, timber flooring, and tiles. By far, one of the most popular these days is vinyl plank flooring. It checks many boxes in terms of durability, installation, attractiveness, and overall affordability, all of which combine to explain why you’re likely seeing it in so many homes these days.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

At its core, vinyl plank flooring options are designed to resemble traditional hardwood as closely as possible. They come in strips and are very easy to install, as well as being flexible enough to install in rooms with irregular shapes. The unique benefits that vinyl plank flooring brings to the table often go beyond standard wood flooring, making it one of the smartest investments that a homeowner can make today.

Part of the reason why vinyl plank flooring is so popular has to do with its acoustic properties. You get the sleek, sophisticated look of hardwood without having to worry about creating echoes or an unnatural hollow sound whenever you walk into the room. The Kenbrock SmartDrop Acoustic is a prime example of this. An extremely popular choice in Europe, the SmartDrop Acoustic vinyl planks are specifically engineered with a 5.3mm thick plank that offers superior comfort and outstanding acoustic properties thanks to a fibreglass reinforcement layer within each plank. Vinyl plank flooring is also known for its incredible build quality – with many brands being backed by 20-year manufacturer’s warranties for residential applications with regular maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, “a little effort” is the operative term. Vinyl plank flooring is by far one of the easiest flooring options to take care of, thanks in large part due to the aforementioned build quality. Only routine cleaning like sweeping and the occasional mopping is required to keep it looking its best.

Ease of Installation

Most vinyl plank flooring brands offer a variety of easy installation methods. Godfrey Hirst vinyl planks are available as Direct Stick, perfect for installation in wet areas as they can be glued directly to a concrete subfloor, Express Lay™ reduces installation time by simply butting one vinyl plank up against the next for a speedy install, and 5G Insta Clic® that increase floor strength with a simple click system that negates the need for nails or glue.

Unlike most hardwood floor options, vinyl plank flooring is also highly water resistant. This has made it a popular option for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where you wouldn’t traditionally see hardwood or even laminate flooring. Many vinyl plank options are actually totally waterproof depending on the type you choose. With the decorative layer of vinyl planks being a printed high-resolution image that replicates the appearance of hardwood floors, it offers the option of continuing the appearance of wooden floors throughout the rest of your home into wet areas where traditional laminate flooring fears to tread.

Fowles and Vinyl Plank Flooring

At Fowles, we’re proud to offer vinyl plank flooring options from all of today’s top brands, giving you as much variety as possible in terms of styles and installation options. We offer luxury vinyl plank options from Godfrey Hirst (including their popular Vega and Orion options), as well as items from the Quick-Step Livyn collection that bring you the natural look and feel you want with all of the practical benefits of vinyl tiles.

We also have a flooring showroom, allowing you to see these options in real-world environments so that you don’t have to imagine what vinyl plank flooring might look like in your home. Fowles also hold weekly materials auctions, giving you a great chance to find incredible discounts on vinyl plank and other flooring options and supplies well below their suggested retail prices.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about vinyl plank flooring, or if you’re just looking for a little help on your next home renovation project, don’t delay – contact Fowles today.[/read_more]

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