Tuftmaster Carpets

An integral part of any home is carpeting. You understand this and, thankfully, TUFTMASTER Carpets understands this. This is a large part of the reason why they’ve spent the last several years becoming one of the most well-known, highly trusted manufacturers in all of Australia. They offer competitive pricing on all of the durable, flexible and incredibly high quality flooring solutions for both residential and commercial areas that you will ever need. For over 40 years, TUFTMASTER has honed their craft and developed premium floor coverings suitable to applications from domestic to offices and schools. TUFTMASTER Carpets are available in 100% wool or 100% solution dyed nylon, meaning there will be a carpet to suit any requirement. Whether you’re a home decorator looking to create the perfect environment or a professional architect looking for the highest quality solution at the most competitive price possible, TUFTMASTER Carpets has you covered.

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