Redbook Carpets

Since its original inception, Redbook Carpets has worked hard to inject every single product it releases to market with the type of practicality, colour, warmth and style that customers around the world need to complete their next flooring project. Redbook Carpets have become synonymous with family – they’re the type of dependable option that will not only look amazing on the day it is laid, but will also dutifully serve your family’s flooring needs for years to come.

Redbook Carpets use a state-of-the-art sun protected fibre to provide long lasting colour on your floor, regardless of how much direct sunlight that environment happens to receive. All Redbook Carpets come with a SPF 15 Year Fade Resistance Warranty, giving you the peace of mind that only comes with knowing you will have vibrant, longer lasting carpet on your floor no matter what the foot traffic. Reasons like these are undoubtedly why Redbook Carpets has become one of the most trusted names in carpet operating anywhere in Australia today.

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