Godfrey Hirst Eco+

Godfrey Hirst eco+ is the next generation of carpet technology. An Australian product created with triexta fibre, the first breakthrough carpet material since nylon, fifty years ago. Triexta consists of a kinked molecular structure that creates a twisted yarn. This yarn pile falls in different directions, giving the carpet a textured appearance. The polymer is made from a combination of eco-friendly corn sugar and solution dyed, meaning an environmentally friendly end product.

Godfrey Hirst eco+ is perfect for high traffic households, especially those with pets. The luxurious Soft to Touch™ technology delivers a soft, cushioned feel underfoot, combined with superior durability and stain resistance that is easy to clean with cold water. The Colourfast covering protects against UV light fading, ensuring a hard wearing carpet that feels fresh for years to come.

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