Chaparral Carpets

From the moment that Chaparral Carpets originally opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia in 1975, it has always made every decision with one key goal in mind: to provide superior domestic wool and wool blended tufted carpets to customers everywhere, no exceptions.

One of the major things that make Chaparral Carpets so unique in the market today is its core philosophy. Instead of trying to offer as many different styles and types of wool carpeting as possible (leading to a lot of average quality products), Chaparral has decided to go in the other direction: they want to create the best fine gauge tufted products available anywhere in the world today.

It is this core value, coupled with their overall passion and dedication to nothing short of excellence, that has led to Chaparral Carpets becoming a trusted favourite of retailers, interior designers, and end users anywhere in Australia today.

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