The Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Success Story

Nylon carpet has been around for decades; however it has undergone enormous change over the past 3-4 years that has led to it becoming a yarn of choice for the majority of carpet buyers across Australia and indeed worldwide.

The new-generation nylon yarn is called “Solution Dyed Nylon” due to its colouring process being different to the traditional method of liquid dyeing fabrics and yarns.

The “traditional’ method was to manufacture the carpet yarn in a white colour, then use liquid dyes to soak the colour in. However Solution Dyed Nylon is coloured when the extrusion process occurs (when the nylon is being converted from pellets into yarn). The nylon pellets are mixed with dye pellets and then extruded into yarn as its final intended colour.

The new dyeing process has a number of major benefits. Because the colour is part of the yarn’s composition (rather than a liquid added to the yarn after it has been extruded) it is much harder to remove (fade) the colour out of the yarn.

Secondly, because the yarn is not required to be liquid-dyed, it can be manufactured so that it does not take up any liquid at all (non-porous) so that it is incredibly resistant to spills as the liquid cannot soak into the yarn.

A third benefit of this yarn is that it is highly abrasion resistant (partly due to it not needing to absorb liquids) so it lasts much longer than any other carpet yarn ever seen.

In the last few years, the softness and appearance of Solution Dyed Nylon has vastly improved. One company in particular, Berry Yarns of Belgium, has created some of the finest yarns available today and you can view the huge range of Australian-Tufted carpets from Quest Carpets at our Clayton (Melbourne) store and experience the softness and beautiful appearance of these carpets. Most of these carpets carry a 15-20 year warranty giving you peace of mind for the long and luxurious life for your carpet.

These yarns are also manufactured locally and distributed through Godfrey Hirst’s vast stable of brands. We have hundreds of their styles to view and buy at present. The Godfrey Hirst Solution Dyed Nylon carpets generally carry a warranty of 15 years.

Forget the shiny, artificial looking nylons of old and check out the spectacular new generation solution dyed nylon carpets for yourself! We can even install them with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.