What It Means To Have A Smart Home And The Benefits

If you look at the evolution of the standard home even just over the last hundred years, things have taken an impressive leap forward that is hard to ignore. What once was literally just “four walls and a ceiling” soon had full plumbing, electricity and more. That gave way to energy efficiency advancements of the late 20th and early 21st century, aimed at allowing people access to all of the creature comforts that they’re used to without costing them an arm and a leg at the same time. The natural evolution of this idea is the smart home, which, thanks to the Internet of Things and Big Data, is becoming more and more of a reality with each passing day. Fowles Auctions can help you lay the foundation of your smart home with exceptional prices on timber flooring, carpet, timber and building materials, even complete kitchens!

Smart Home and The Benefits
Smart Home and The Benefits

What is a Smart Home?

Consider for a moment what would happen if every single element in your home were connected via an Internet connection. Say you were at work in the morning and you suddenly remembered that you forgot to turn down your air conditioning to an appropriate level. Nobody is actually going to be home, which means that you’ll be paying to cool an empty house. Instead of eating that larger bill or worrying about it all day, you have an amazing alternative – you can just open up an app on your cell phone, make the necessary temperature adjustment and then go about your business. It’s literally that simple.

That is what a smart home is all about. It’s about not only connectivity but also empowerment. You can have access to all information regarding your home and perform certain mission critical functions anywhere you’d like, so long as you have an active Internet connection at the time.

The Benefits of a Smart Home

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a smart home is one of decreased costs. Many smart home services offer actionable analytics, for example, that will help you keep track of your usage of utilities and other functionality over time. Have you ever wondered what you could do to save a bit of money on your electricity bill each month? Your smart home will come right out and tell you. If a problem develops that ends up making it too expensive to heat or cool your home (like a diagnostics issue within your HVAC system), you’ll also be alerted to this immediately as well. The home itself may be smart, but the beneficiary of these advancements is most certainly the homeowner.


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