Keep Your Carpet Looking New with These Simple Tips

If you’ve decided to do away with that worn carpet in your home, why not visit a weekly carpet auction at Fowles? We have top brand carpet for up to 90% off retail and our friendly staff will assist you in making the correct decision. For a homeowner, there are few feelings better than the one that you get immediately after having carpeting installed. Not only does it look great, but also the fluffiness of that new carpet between your toes is the stuff that legends are made of. The problem is that carpet is made to be used; so the longer it sits the harder it will be to recapture the magic of those first few days. If you’re looking for a way to keep your carpeting looking fresh and new for as long as possible, you can always do so with these few simple tips.

New Carpet

New Carpet

Spills and Stains

If you’re sitting around the dining room table with some friends at a dinner party and accidentally spill that glass of red wine, don’t worry – your carpet is not irreparably damaged. If you want to keep your carpeting looking as new as possible, though, you should take care to treat the affected area as soon as you can. The faster you’re able to clean up that spill, the easier it will be and the better your carpet will be because of it.


Spilling food on your new carpet is just an unfortunate fact of life – it’s going to happen, regardless of how hard you try to prevent it. In order to keep your carpeting looking as fresh as possible, make sure to remove the solid food material and any large particles with something like a spoon or some other piece of silverware. This will help make sure that you don’t accidentally grind smaller particles into the carpeting, which will only serve to make a small issue exponentially larger in the long run.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

If keeping your carpeting looking as fresh as possible is always a primary concern, one of the major things that you should consider is professional cleaning at least once a year, if not more frequently. It will all come down to how heavily used your carpet is and what types of traffic patterns you’re dealing with. While you can certainly fluff up your carpeting on your own using your vacuum cleaner’s highest suction function, you can’t be expected to match the service that you’ll get from a professional company. They can help make sure that high traffic areas are something that you don’t have to worry about ever again.


Finally, a quick vacuum session every week or two will also help keep your carpeting looking new for as long as possible. Any soil, dirt, food particles and other obstructions won’t have time to embed themselves into the carpeting, which will go a long way towards keeping it looking as good as new for as long as can be.

You’ll find that keeping your carpet looking new is a lot easier than many people assume it to be. So long as you always keep these few simple tips in mind, you’ll have great-looking carpeting for as long as you want it with a new carpet from Fowles Auctions.